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Friday, August 5, 2011



I know yu'all think I died, or got shot, or the Village Idiot threw me out the truck window, or he grounded me and wouldn't let me close to this writing machine, or something stupid like that.  Nope, none of that happened.  Nor are the rumors true that I've been in jail, I joined a monastery, or I have been on maternity leave.  Nope, none of that is true either.  What happened was when we got back here to Iowa I got so cold I froze up and went into hibernation.  Finally, yesterday, my buddy Dave took me outside and down to the creek beside the campground to see if the ice was gone yet.  Sure enough, it finally got warm enough for the ice to melt and the water is flowing again.  Now I can get out of my longjohns and start enjoying life again.  If it warms up enough I may even get out of my long pants and put my shorts on.

As probably everyone in the world knows, we are back at Crossroads RV Park in Mount Pleasant, IA.  We arrived on March 31st for the Happy Couple to start working on April Fools Day.  The past 3 months have been the same as last year.  Shari has Stupid working while she tells him what to do.  I don't know how she does it, but she cracks the whip and he jumps.  He doesn't jump nearly as high as he used to, but he still jumps.

The first order of business when we returned was finding a replacement vehicle for the one that was totaled out when Shari had that accident last fall.  They bought a '04 Pontiac Grand Am.  It's a nice little car that gets 28 MPG and has a sun roof.  That was a must for The Boss.  Dave likes it too.  The next order of business was finding a second A/C for the 5th wheel.  The Village Idiot found one at Thompson RV in Davenport and installed it himself.  The Boss loves it and Dave likes it too.  Only major problems with the trailer so far this summer has been a leaking gray tank (a trip to Ottumwa to get that fixed) and a recall on the new cooling unit for the refrigerator (another trip to Ottumwa to get that fixed).  Unfortunately, the recall didn't come in until after the first to Ottumwa was made.

We did go on a little vacation in June.  6 couples (Mark & Beth, Ken & Judi, Ron & Vi, Ed & Deb, Al & Pam, and of course, the Happy Couple) went to Lake Rathbun near Centerville for a few nights and then to Red Rock Reservoir @ Pella for a few nights.  A great time was had by all.    We have also taken 2 short trips to Colony Country RV Park at North Liberty to see friends.  Currently the Happy Couple have 2 more trips planned.  One in a week to Cedar Falls to nephew Derek and Natalie's wedding and one in September to Altoona, Storm Lake, and, of course, Sanborn.  A summer is not complete without going to Sanborn and terrorizing Budda at the golf clubhouse. (Oh, and to see Mike and Kathi Benner too)  After that, it will be working for ol' Dave until October 31st.

We have had friends come and stay at Crossroads with us.  Ken & Sara Hoenig were here for 2 weeks in late June.  Gerry & Mary Eddington (friends from Illinois)  were here for a week in July plus Tom & Helen Seacrist (friends from Florida) have been here a couple of times.  Their have been all kinds of old friends of the Happy Couple that have stopped by during the summer.

How's Moe Jeanne you ask. Let me take this opportunity to tell you how Moe is.  If I would have had a video camera when we were in North Liberty last weekend, she would have made You Tube.  The Happy Couple took her over to see Ken & Lynn's dog Sunny and the 2 dogs started to do there normal sniffing around. Now Sunny is a male poodle just a little bigger than Moe.  Moe promptly rolled over on her back and stuck all four legs in the air for Sunny, and the whole world, to see her privates.  It was pure dog porn.  It was gross.  I only hope Sunny is mature enough to understand that not all women are like that.  If the Porn Cops would have been around she would be on the sexual predator list. That's why the Village Idiot calls her a "belly slut".  She is always doing things like that.  Other than that she is just fine.

I would like to warn all of you right now, watch out for the Village Idiot.  A couple of months ago a couple came into the campground selling Dri-Wash and Glaze which is an amazing way to clean, polish, and protect the painted surface of vehicles without the use of water.  After a couple of hours of looking at and asking questions about this product he decides not to just buy some to use, but to start selling it.  And selling he is.  I'm telling you now, if you come around with a dirty vehicle be prepared.  He has decided the best use for water is with Black Velvet, ice cubes, and an occasional shower.  (I wish he would use a little more water for the latter.)  He thinks there is no use wasting so much water washing vehicles when there is a better way.   You have been warned.

Well, I guess that is about as up to date as I can get right now.  I do promise to not make it so long of time before the next update.  In the mean time keep those cards and letters coming.  Next time though, put money into those cards and letters.  Times are tough you know and, with the political climate we are in right now, it is most likely to get tougher.

As always, and with love,