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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The End Of Summer Is Near!

Hi everybody,

Actually the end of fall is near also.  With the end of summer our season at Crossroads RV Park in Mount Pleasant is at the end.  We have had a great summer here but all good things must come to an end.  The Happy Couple are in the process of getting everything cleaned up, packed up, checked up, and ready for the migration south. 

So what has the Happy Couple been up to?

With Shari, she went to see a dermatologist in early September and the doc found a small spot on her arm which turned out to be melanoma.  So it was off to the hospital and physicians for all kinds of tests and a physical and then surgery on October 14th.  Everything for Shari turned out just great.  The melanoma was isolated and was all removed.  Lymph nodes were checked and proved negative.  It is just a process of keeping an eye on her that it doesn't pop up somewhere else.  That's the part that Stupid is looking forward to.  Both the surgeon and the dermatologist suggest the Happy Couple take full body pictures of Shari.  What this entails is Shari removing all her clothes and Stupid taking pictures of her complete body and then doing it again annually to see is there is any change in any spots on her body.  Stupid is enraged.  He wants to know why this wasn't started 37 years ago.  The pervert.  This whole thing was funny in one way.  While Shari had her arm wrapped after surgery Stupid turned in to head cook and bottle washer.  I don't think I ever saw his finger nails so clean.  It is amazing what a little soap and water will do for a body. 

With Stupid, not much.  He's been selling his Dri-Wash and Guard and, as he claims, has been slaving away at the campground.  Actually, the campground has been kind of slow lately, so he is getting his nap in every day.  He had a good day Monday.  He went to the dermatologist and got an A+, went to the doctor and cholesterol and blood pressure were both down, and had the brakes checked on the truck and they are good for another 50,000 miles.  He says life is good, except for the head cook and bottle washer gig.

Are you ready for a little funny?  The Happy Couple have a mutual good friend that got a little mixed up a couple weeks ago.  It seems she put her medicine and a pill for their dog out on the counter and, by mistake, took the pill for the dog.  She panicked a little and checked on the internet to see if this dog medicine was going to hurt her which, as it turned out, would not.  Her big mistake was she told her husband and Shari.  Shari in turned told Stupid and the word spread.  Stupid asked her husband if there was any change in her and he said she has been growling a little more lately and wants to bark at him all the time.  He says the really bad part is she always wants to go outside the go to the restroom.  He say the scratch marks on the door are the worst.  He is thinking of taking her to a vet to get her medicine changed.

I would like to advise everyone to be a little cautious about eating Famous Dave's dutch oven cooking.  We took a little trip to Storm Lake in September and one day Stupid did some dutch oven cooking for Mark and Beth and Cousin Mary and Bob.  On the day he was doing his cooking it was windy so he took all his cooking gear (and his beer cooler) and set up behind a dumpster partition.  That day he was cooking a pot roast and a caramel apple crisp.  After he had the pot roast made and cooking, I notice he had his head stuck down into the dumpster.  I yelled at him and asked why he was dumpster diving.  He said he was looking for something else to add to the roast.  I said, "Surely you didn't take anything out of the dumpster and add to the dutch oven did you?"  His response: "You'll never know."  YUKKKKKKK!  I'm glad I just eat dog food.  Moe wouldn't touch the roast and she'll eat about anything.  Luckily nobody got sick.

What's in our future?  Next Tuesday the Happy Couple pack up the house, hook it to the truck and head NORTH.  What are they thinking?  You're supposed to go south when it's cold.  Actually we are heading to North Liberty for a couple of nights so Shari can go to the dentist and then a trip to the surgeon to get released so we can head south.  The Village Idiot is going to his hair dresser to get a haircut.  He says he wants a mohawk this time.  On next Thursday, it is the migration south.  The plan is for a week in Branson, about 10 days of who knows where, and end up in Mount Pleasant, TX to spend some time over Thanksgiving with Joe and Renee at their winter mansion at the End of the World in NE Texas.  From there it will be the Dallas-Ft. Worth area for a couple of weeks and then to Kerrville, TX for a month.  While we are in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, the plan is to rent a car and come back to Iowa to watch Emma play 3 basketball games in her senior year and visiting some family and friends.  Since I will be along with the Happy Couple, I would appreciate it if all you people from Iowa would have the weather nice so I don't get too cold.  I am very fragile you know.

As some, but not all, of you know The Happy Couple are not returning to Crossroads RV Park next season.  Even though they have really enjoyed the last two years working for Jeff and Linda Krug, and have met a lot of nice people, some who have become good friends, they felt it was time to move on and try something different.  Starting April 8th of 2012, the Happy Couple will be working at the Amana Colonies RV Park near Amana, IA.  Shari says the down side of going there is she also has to work.  She will work in the office 20 hours a week while Stupid will work outside 20 hours a week.  They will be working the same shift on a rotating schedule.  The rotating shift will sometimes give them 3 and 4 days off in a row.  That will give them time to pester friends and relatives in the Cedar Rapids - Iowa City area.  Consider yourselves forewarned.

Well, I guess I better get off here.  It's getting about lunch time and the old Grump will be coming in to eat.  He doesn't mind me using the computer like that kid's mom on the E-Trade commercial does but I don't want to push it.  I don't like solitary confinement and I'm not very good at singing "No Body Knows".

See you later.