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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Welcome to 2012

Hi everybody,

I told you it may be next year before you heard from me, and sure enough, I was right.  I tell you, time really does fly when you are having fun.  We are now in Matagorda, TX which is a place we visited a couple of years ago.  Shari wanted more sea shells so over we came.

We had a very busy, and wonderful, time in the hill country.  Before Christmas the Happy Couple were e-mailing back and forth with the Dusenberys in Kingwood, TX.  Much to our delight,  Jerry and Cheryl invited us over for a few days.  Good old Dave checked around and found Enterprise had a cheap rate on rental vehicles during the holidays so he rented a car and away we went to the Houston area.  We left Christmas morning, after Santa found us, and we arrived mid-afternoon.  I think the Happy Couple had this all planned out in advance as Jerry and Cherl had a Christmas turkey and all the fixings waiting for them when we arrived.  The way Dave ate, I am sure it was delicious.  Over the next two days, the four were non-stop.  There was a trip to Seabrook to get fresh seafood and lunch at Frenchies, a small Italian restaurant.  The next day was a trip to the farmers market, a Mexican bakery, and, of course, Spec's Warehouse.  Also, included in that trip was a stop at Niko Niko's, a Greek restaurant, to have lunch with Jerry and Cheryl's son, Steve, his wife, Megan and son, Jack.  They had come over from the Austin area for the Christmas holidays.

Sadly, as always, the fun had to end.  On Wednesday AM we repacked the car and I skillfully guided the Happy Couple back to Kerrville for more adventures in the hill country.  And adventures we had.  When we arrived back at Guadalupe River RV Resort, Ron and Vi had arrived along with Moe's new best friend, Spike.  The Happy Couple now had someone they knew to bum around with and bum around they did.  There were trips somewhere about 5 days a week.  There were many trips out into the hills in search of wild game, trips to many small towns for little places to eat, and, of course, many trips to H.E.B. for more food.  And good old Stupid can't figure out why he can't lose weight.  I think it may be the chicken fried steak at the Old Spanish Trail Cafe in Bandera, the monster hamburgers at Alamo Springs Cafe at the Old Tunnel State Park, or maybe, just maybe, it might be toddy time with hors d'ouvres every afternoon.  One great thing for my girl Shari is Vi likes to do water aerobics so the two of them were at the pool every morning at 9:00 AM getting healthy.  While there the two of them met a really nice couple from Dickinson, ND by the name of Joe and Nancy.  Joe is a, soon to be, retired brick layer and Nancy bakes bread that is out of this world.  How do I know about the bread?  Moe has taught me the fine art of begging, that's how I know.   They fit in just fine with the other four as Joe likes toddy time and they both love to eat.

We almost lost Stupid to he hill country of Texas.  He just loves it there and we took many trips out into nowhere.  One day we were driving around when he spotted what he thought would be HIS FUTURE.

The start of it all!!!!!
The ranch house located in a gated community!!!!
I would like to introduce you to what he thought he was sent into this world for.  That is, be a cowboy and raise longhorns.  Shari looked at him with utter disbelief and Moe and I just rolled with laughter in the back seat of the truck.  Shari said "okay, if your going to be a cowboy there are a few things your going to have to do to get started."  He said "I know.  I'm going to have to get some cowboy boots and cowboy hat."  She said "No, you are first going to need a ranch and you don't have a ranch."  Old Stupid told her he had that covered.  He found a place when he was out by himself one day. 

This is the little fixer upper he came up with.  I am not even going to give you the address yet as I don't know if this thing is going to fly.

As you can see, it is a little rugged out there but he thinks it will be okay.  After all he is going to be a real cowboy.

This is one of the pastures for his herd.  He thinks a little fertilizer will help.

This is one of the watering holes.  The only thing missing is water.  He thinks if it rains it will come back.

This is part of the herd that comes with the ranch.  He says they all look healthy considering they have been eating rocks and cactus all their life. 

If you look closely, you see part of his exotic animal collection.  I asked him what it was and his reply was, it is definitely not a pheasant.  So much for his knowledge of exotic animals.

Possum in a half shell anyone?

The subject came around to: "How are you going to get around to check your fences and check on the herd?"  Let me introduce to Silver.  This isn't quite what the Lone Ranger rode, but we are on a tight budget here until the ranch gets going.

 Next came the selection of a thoroughbred cow to start the herd.  He says "Meet Old Granny.  She is all I can afford right now.  She'll have to do."

Shari had one more little concern.  "What about the 5th wheel and truck?"  "Well" he says, "I got that all figured out.  I need the truck for the ranch.  Every ranch has a truck now days.  As for the 5th wheel, we will trade it in for a slightly used motorhome.  I figure with a little duct tape and some Dri-Wash and Glaze I sell we can get this baby fixed up in no time.  Then we can go out buying cattle in style."

Well it does seem that he has been thinking this through a little bit.  Not much, but a little bit.  So Shari finally agrees to go to the next step.  She reluctantly says he can go out and check on getting some cowboy boots and a cowboy hat.  After a flying trip to Bandera to the Cowboy Store he walks into the store in a tee shirt and shorts.  The nice lady asked if she could help him.  He says "Sure.  I'm here to buy some cowboy boots and a cowboy hat.  I'm buying a ranch and I'm going to be a cowboy."  She told him the first thing he was going to have to do was to buy some jeans as you can't be a cowboy and wear shorts.  Well, he became quite indignant about this new hurtle.  He has been wearing shorts for years and was not going to have some young hussy tell him how to dress.  She said okay, but he would be the laughing stock of Kerr County, Texas.  She reluctantly sold him the boots and the hat, he put them on, and out the door he went.  He didn't make it a half a block and he had the whole town of Bandera rolling in the streets.  When Shari saw him she, for the first time in her life, jumped in the truck and took off down the street.  Well Old Stupid got on his cell phone, called her and asked "Where you going?  Haven't you ever seen a cowboy before?"  Her answer is not printable as this is a family blog.  But, when the conversation was over, he turned around, went back into the Cowboy Store, got a refund and left by the back door.  His cowboy days were over.  No ranch.  No herd.  No Silver.  No new motorhome.  After Shari picked him up, he returned to Kerrville, opened a Coors Lite and now the world is all better.  He won't even talk to anyone about it.  Actually, I think it's because he can't remember the ordeal.  He's getting old you know and can't remember nothing.

The Happy Couple have had a great time with Ron and Vi.  One day Ron and Stupid took a road trip to Fredericksburg to the National Museum of the Pacific War.   Super Dave says it's a great museum to go through, but, if you do go, allow for at least a full day.  If you want to read and see everything plan on a second day.  While the guys were gone on their little journeys the ladies went on their own little trips.  What they did was called shopping.  As my friend Dave would say; "YUK."  If I were the guys, from now on I would take the car and all the keys for the truck.  At their age you can't keep them bare foot and pregnant, but you can take their keys away from them and keep them home as it is too far to walk to go shopping.

Well we finally got asked to leave Kerrville.  Last Sunday I skillfully guided the Happy Couple and the Powells here to Matagodra via Goliad, TX.  Goliad sounded like a real interesting town, especially since they have a hanging tree on the court house lawn.  Back in the day, if a person was convicted of a capital crime which carried the death penalty, there was no 5 year waiting period for appeal.  The sentence was carried out as soon as the judge's gavel hit the table.  It was out the door to the court house lawn and to the first available low hanging branch.  Justice was swift.  No wonder there was no over crowding in jails during that period.  The area looked interesting and I heard the Happy Couple say they would like to spend more time in Goliad.  I guess I had better put that in my places to take them some day.

We arrived here late Sunday afternoon.  Monday morning everyone hit the beach to look for sea shells and nobody was disappointed.  Even Spike and Moe had a great time as they got to run in the surf.  The weather was great the first two days but turned ugly today.  It was nice and clear but the temperature got clear down into the low 60's.   If this keeps up, we are leaving. 

Actually we are leaving tomorrow.  The Powells are heading to Rockport for a couple of months and the Happy Couple are going north to Houston for three nights and then further north to Livingston, TX for three nights.  My friend Shari has an appointment with a dermatologist for a checkup Friday morning.  Early next week the Happy Couple want to go to The Rainbow End in Livingston.  It is the national headquarters for the Escapees RV Club.  From Livingston, it will the be across Louisiana and Mississippi to Foley, AL, arriving on February 1st.  At Foley the Happy Couple are meeting up with the Steingeabers and Eddingtons  to spend a couple of months having fun in the sun.  The three couples all promised not to over eat, laugh, or have any fun.  If you believe that statement, I know where you can buy some prime ranch land in the hill country of Texas.  They may even throw in a slightly used motorhome.

Well, I suppose I better sign off for tonight.  It is 9:00 PM and well beyond my bed time.  I hope everone is keeping nice and warm this winter.  I know we are.  Until next time, have a great one.