A quaint little drinking couple with a camping problem!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hi Everyone,

Yup, it's me again in all my glory.  We are still in Austin where the weather is just great compared to what a lot of the rest of the country has been getting. How great you ask.  It is normally sunny with highs in the mid 60's to mid 70's every day.  Since the Happy Couple brought Moe and I to Austin the RV park has only had two inches of rain.  That is 2 inches of rain during their rainy season.  The locals think this may be a long hot year.

The Happy Couple are generally getting alone just fine.  The Village Idiot has his moments every once in a while.  My girl Shari is getting along great with her new hip.  The in-home physical therapist was here today for her final in-home therapy session.  She starts a month of outpatient therapy on Tuesday and has her final surgeon visit on March 27th.  When she gets through with those two things she should be a new bionic woman.  She is off pain pills and just uses a cane occasionally.  When she walks around the campground everyone tells her how great she looks and how great she is doing.  That sometimes gets under the skin of the Village Idiot.  He says when a woman has a baby, no one ever asks how the father is doing.  They are always concerned about the mother and baby.  He says the same thing is happening to him now.  Everyone is concerned about Shari, they tells Moe how sweet and cute she is, but nobody shows any concern about the SPECIAL CAREGIVER.  Old Moe and I just sit on the sofa and laugh when he gets into one of those funks.  What he needs to do is go find a job.  Something to occupy what is left of his brain.

The Happy Couple really haven't been out adventuring much lately  They have been enjoying their new friends and the activities here at La Hacienda RV Resort. There is always something to do almost everyday if they want to take it all in.  Shari is getting back into doing more but the Brain says a lot of the activities interrupt his afternoon nap.  That might be part of the reason he has gained a little weight this winter.  That and BV and coke.

I told you last time that I would tell you one of the adventures the Happy Couple and the Powells had in January when Ron and Vi were staying here. Near here, northwest of Austin, is Mansfield Dam on the Colorado River; not the one that goes through the Grand Canyon but the small one that goes through Texas, and forms Lake Travis.  Lake Travis is a flood control reservoir, which right now is 53 feet below normal.  It is surrounded by million dollar homes, yacht clubs, and a few Travis County parks.  Shari and the Brain were out on a road trip in November and entered a county park to see what it was all about.  They found out that all the Travis County parks have an entrance fee except for seniors over 62, who are admitted free.  One day the weather was cloudy and cool with the wind blowing and temperatures in the low 50s, so the Powells and the Happy Couple went on a road trip to see the sights around Austin. As the Brain was driving around Lake Travis he saw a sign pointing to Windy Point and Hippy Hollow.  Not knowing what they were about he asked everybody in the car if they wanted to investigate.  Everybody said sure.  So up and down and all around they made their way along the lake and the first park they came to was Hippy Hollow.  The Brain pulled up to the ticket taker booth where a young man was sitting inside.  The Brain rolled down the window while observing that there were not many cars in the parking lot....a few but not a whole lot. The Brain promptly informed the young man that everyone in the car was over 62 but was told there was a $2.00 charge to get the car into the lot.  As the Brain was getting his money the young man asked "do you know what kind of park Hippy Hollow is?" Everyone responded in the negative.  He said it is "a Clothing Optional Nudist Park".  It is the only public park in Texas where nudity is officially permitted.  It is also a very popular place for the liberal, countercultural, and  and gay-friendly Austonians. After a short moment of shock from the four in the car, the Brain told the ticket taker he didn't believe they would be touring this particular park after all.  But the Brain asked him who the heck in their right mind would be taking their clothes off on a beach in this kind of weather.  The young man said he didn't know and was not about to go down there to find out.  He just collected money.  With that, the Brain just rolled up the window and drove back out to the main road.  The Brain told me later that little incident gave him a whole new view on visiting county parks in Texas.  As they say down here,  "Keep Austin Weird"  This place makes Iowa City look very conservative.

How is Moe you ask.  Well she is just fine.  She, like the Village Idiot, is putting on a little weight this winter.  She and the Brain go out for a walk every morning.  They walk about a mile or so and, after Moe does her thing, they stop at the office where the Brain checks for mail and Moe checks out the selection of dog treats.  The dog treats are making her bra (halter) fit tight.  She has found a good hairdresser down here so the Happy Couple take her in for a trim about once a month.  She thought of a new trick last night.  She got my friend Shari out of bed at 1:30 AM because she thought she was a little hungry and needed a drink.  After her cocktail hour was over and dinner was through, she thought a little walk would be nice.  The conversation around the breakfast table this AM was how the Happy Couple may not be too happy if Miss Moe think this is going to become routine.  I don't blame them.  It woke me up too -- all those lights that were on.  It didn't bother the Village Idiot any.  He just keep snoring.

The Brain told me the plans are to leave here on April 2nd and start working north via Houston.  That is if he can afford to fill the truck up with fuel.  That, and if it ever quits snowing in Iowa.  You folks up north better get the weather thing straightened out if you want to see us again.  The four of us are really starting to think nice things about nice weather.  Just keep that in mind.

I guess I have bored you long enough.  The Brain yelled at me to get off the computer.  He says he has got to start working on taxes.  I hope my friend Shari takes Moe and me out for a nice long walk so we don't have to listen to the language that will be coming from the house while he is doing that little job.  He can get nasty.

I'll be back to you some other day.  In the meantime, have a great one.