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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The second beginning.

Hello friends, it is me again.  I know this is not where you usually see  me but I had to make a change in how I updated you on the goings and comings of the Frantz clan.  You see, my best buddy, STUPID, started tweaking the Trip Journal and messed it up.  I sent an update in June and I don't think anyone received it.  Anyway, I have started a blog using Google and am now broadcasting world wide.  As time goes on, I will be adding things to the blog such as a map of our location, pictures, and other exciting things.

We are still located in Mount Pleasant, IA at Crossroads RV Park.  Jeff and Linda (the park owners) haven't kicked Dave out yet so it looks like we are going to make it through the summer.  Dave and Shari have a contract to work as camp host until October 31. We will see if they can make it that long.

Shari gets up to Washington a couple times a week and both John and Betty (her folks) seem to be doing pretty well.  Shari and her brother John worked and got the house sold in Crawfordsville.  That has taken a lot of pressure off the two of them.  "Did Dave help?" you ask.  No, not much.  He thought he had a supervisory role.  I think Moe was more help.

Speaking of Moe, she is doing just fine.  She is starting to really get into this "camp host" gig.  She thinks she is the official "meet and greet" dog. She just loves to get into the office and, when someone comes into register, she loves to jump on them and give them kisses.  Not everyone appreciates it like Moe does. When the Village Idiot takes her for a walk she greets anyone that is sitting outside.  She is even starting to tolerate other dogs.  Maybe next year, she can have the Camp Host job and we will put a collar and leash on Dave.  How does that sound?

Tomorrow, the family is going to Swisher for a Iowa Tailgate practice.  The Hawkins clan is hosting it at the pond where they live.  I have never actually heard of a Iowa Tailgate practice before, but it should be interesting to hear the tales.  I'll keep you posted on that one.

I guess that will be enough for this evening.  Have a great weekend and I will return in the near future.

As the Happy Couple's motto goes "Wine A Bit.  You'll Feel Better."

As always,