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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hi Folks,

I know I haven't kept you up to date lately but, in these troubling times, I am trying to conserve.  Actually, I am so down in the dumps, it is almost unbearable.  These last few days I have had to watch the Happy Couple, and their dog Moe, try to cope with this miserably cold weather and try to keep the house going.  I watch through frosted windows as Dave attempts to keep the water system from freezing and breaking pipes.  He is out day and night, hooking water lines up to get water into the house and then unhooking the water lines to prevent pipes from freezing.  Then, it is trying to get the truck started so he can make another trip to get propane tanks refilled so we can keep the furnace running.  The propane and electric bills are going to be astronomical.  Shari and Moe spend most of their time inside the house trying to keep as warm as possible.  The furnace runs constantly and the little electric heater never shuts off.  Moe is limited to going out to do her duty on an emergency basis only.  Dave, Shari, and Moe go to bed early, and get up late because they have an electric blanket and they can turn it up to about 12 to keep them warm.  I have no idea why they have insisted on staying here in Mount Pleasant and freeze like this.  This cold and wind is not good for anyone.  I don't know why, every year, we have to be the last snow birds to go south.  Just to save my sanity, I think I'm going to change families to watch over.  I just cannot take this misery any longer.

HA HA!!!!  I gotcha.  We ain't (SB) in Mount Pleasant.  We are in Gladewater, TX and the weather has been just fine since we arrived here 8 days ago.  Some days in the upper 60s to low 70s.  Other days in the mid to upper 50s.   Lows are usually in the mid to upper 30's.  One night, so far, in the upper 20s.  Today is the first day without sun shine.

We left Mt. P. on Sunday, Nov. 28th. and, after overnights in Ozark, MO and Texarkana, TX, we arrived at Shallow Creek RV Park, south of Gladewater, early afternoon on Monday, Nov. 30th.  Gladewater is in NE Texas and is known as the antique capital of east Texas.  The town is full of antique shops.  The Happy Couple haven't been shopping there yet but I have heard rumors that little trip isn't too far away in the future. 

The trip down here wasn't completely uneventful.  Dave pulled into a station to fuel the truck in Camdenton, MO. and while doing so, went around the trailer to check the tires and wheel bearings.  Upon inspection he noticed a tire that the tread was starting to separate.  We spent an hour in a parking lot while a nice young man came and put on the spare.  Our wise old leader says it was a good thing he found the problem when he did.  If the tread had come off while driving down the road, the damage to the trailer could have been very intensive. After arriving here in Texas, he did some research  and  found the tires were manufactured in China by a company that, after being ordered to do a massive recall on their tires, suddenly disappeared.  Our fearless leader is now in the process of making arrangements to replace all four tires on the trailer even though the tires only have about 11,000 miles on them.  Another great cost saving move by Keystone, the manufacturer of the trailer.  Did Dave ever tell you he thinks the 5th wheel he bought is a piece of crap?  I know, if you ask him, he will do so.  I am sure, if you asked him for a reference on purchasing a 5th wheel, the last place he would steer you is towards is any unit manufacured by Keystone.  I have heard him tell quite a few people exactly what he thinks of this POS we call home.

Our time here at Shallow Creek RV, so far, has been uneventful, other than finding out real quick you don't go to Walmart on Sunday afternoon right after the church services are over.  The place is kind of like a zoo only the people are dressed up better.  This afternoon I am going to lead the Happy Couple, and Moe, on a trip to Marshall, TX to do some snooping around and see their Christmas lights this evening.  They are supposed to have millions of lights and people come from all over to see them.  If Stupid can figure out how to use his camera and takes some pictures, I will post them for you. 

How's Moe? you ask. She is just fine.  She gets the Village Idiot and his wife out of the house quite often.  They go for walks, they washed the trailer, they have fires in Moe's firepit, and Dave gets to pick up her poop.  What a life.  She won't be a happy camper next Monday.  She is going in for a wash job, a haircut, and manicure.  She doesn't speak to anyone for about 24 hours after that happens.  Poor thing.

Shari's Dad is doing better, which is why we were able to come down here.  A few weeks ago Shari was afraid he was going to leave us but, after a few days in the hospital, he has rebounded quite nicely.  We will be back up at Christmas to be with her folks.  The Happy Couple are renting a car, leaving the truck and trailer at Shallow Creek RV, leaving on Dec. 23rd and staying through New Years.  When we return to Texas, I have no idea where we are going.  I have asked our "fearless leader" a few times but trying to get information out of him is quite difficult sometimes.  I don't think he knows.

Dave's feeling on different topics:

#1    Iowa football season - Disappointing but not overly suprised by the results

#2    Iowa men's basketball - Really liking what's happening.  Great defense against UNI last night

#3    Iowa women's basketball - Doing great - wish we could see them on TV more

#4    Iowa State athletics - No public comment

#5    BCS bowl winner - Oregon by 8 points

#6   TCU joining the Big East Conference - HUH?????  I thought TCU was in Ft. Worth, TX

Well, I guess I better get off here.  Duty is calling.  I think the "Family" is getting ready to go on the road trip.  I have to get on the dash of the Big Truck and do my duty.  It is going to be cold this afternoon.  Only getting into the lower 50s.  The temperature now at noon is only 45.  Dang that is COLD.

Have a good day and stay warm.