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Monday, November 8, 2010

The latest from the greatest!

And how is everyone doing?

We are still going great down here in Good Old Mount Pleasant, Iowa.  Yup.  That is correct.  We AIN'T left yet.  (Sorry Bertha)  Grandpa John (Shari's dad)  is still doing fine considering.  Shari, along with Dave and Moe, go to see her folks occasionally which means we are still in Iowa.  The Happy Couple haven't been doing a whole lot lately.  Last week they took a trip to Cedar Rapids for a insurance meeting (good old government health care) and then trips to doctors.  Everything was A-OKAY.  Other than that, it has been trips to Washington and Dave working in the office.

The pickin up truck went to the doctor last week to get an oil change and then it had to go to the truck hospital.  The transmission had a leak so it had to have surgery.  Actually, at this writing,  it is still in the hospital but is do to be released on Wednesday.  Had to wait for new parts.  No get well cards, please.

My thoughts on a few things:

#1.  The weather getting colder - YUK

#2   Switching the clocks back to standard time - YUK

#3   The results of the election - GREAT but I'm glad they are finely over

#4   The Iowa - Indiana football game - WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT (That is not the way Dave said it)

#5   The Iowa State - Nebraska football game - Take a close look at my photo attached to this blog

The funny of the week:

Dave received an e-mail from Shari's dear sweet cousin Nancy a couple of days ago.  It seems they (Mack and Nancy) were having trouble with a water heater in their 5th wheel and asked Dave for some advise.  (I have no idea why they would do that either.)  Dave made a suggestion they check for propane pressure as it sounded like that might be the problem.  Well, Dave gets this e-mail that the problem has been solved.  Nancy wrote, and I quote, "Mack replaced part of the ignition system-burner thingies.  Anyway, not enough gas had been getting through...from somewhere to somewhere else...".  Don't you just love technical terms???  Anyway we are all happy that everything is back in good working order.

What is in our future, you ask.

Tomorrow the family, (Dave, Shari, Moe, and I) are taking a trip to Iowa City, Shari dental appointment, Cedar Rapids to an insurance agent, then to the Bata's for dinner.  I don't know how many of you have eaten Tony Bata's cooking but Dave and Shari love it.  He is an excellent chef.  Shirley makes some darn good chocolate chip cookies too.  Moe and I aren't suppose to have any because they are bad for our hearts.  Therefore Dave wolfs them all down.  He will do anything for the team.

On Wednesday, it's to Burlington to get the truck out of the truck hospital.

Friday afternoon, the Weinreichs', Steingreabers', and Romeos' are coming to Mount Pleasant for one last toddy time before winter sits in.

Saturday is another Hawkeye football game on the tube.  I hope the Hawks play a little better so the air isn't quite as blue in the house.  Things can get quite nasty when the game isn't going well.

Sunday is the Hawkeye1st basketball under Coach Fran.  We watched the exhibition game yesterday on the tube and they scored 111 points.  I don't think they scored that many all season last year.

After Sunday, who knows.

Well, that is about all I have for now.  As things change, I will keep you updated.  In the mean time don't forget the cheer:  LET'S GO HAWKS - LET'S GO HAWKS - LET'S GO HAWKS!!!!!!

As always,