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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Vacation Is Over!

Howdy everyone.

Yes, the vacation is over and it is back to normal life for the Frantz clan.  That is if you can call anything they do as normal.  Almost everything that has happen to the Happy Couple the past 3 weeks has been great.  There was one bump in the road that kind of messed things up, but by their standards everything was good.

To get the hiccup out of the way first, on the 21st of last month Shari took her normal trip to Washington to see her folks.  On the return trip it was raining rather hard but, since she was anxious to get back to Mount Pleasant to be with her husband, (If you believe that statement, I have some ocean front property in Arkansas for sale) she continued on her way.    Just west of Ainsworth, with a truck following her and raining hard, she was suddenly spinning around and around in the road, coming to a stop on the westbound shoulder.  She first thought she had hydroplaned until a young man came running to the car apologizing for hitting her and wanted to know if she was hurt.  She had a bump on her head, was checked out by EMT's and was declared okay, except for the black eye she had for a few days.  The kid said he passed the truck behind Shari and, due to water spray from the truck and Shari's car, did not see her when he pulled back in and clipped the rear of her car, putting her into a spin.  Fortunately, she did not go in the ditch and there was no oncoming traffic.  The condition of the car - TOTALED.   As was an antique lamp and a couple of antique vases that were in the trunk.  Thank goodness her golf clubs survived.  Now my buddy Dave gets to go car shopping.  That should be interesting to see what he comes up with.  A couple friends committed that, since she did such a great job of keeping the car on the road, she should drive on the NASCAR circuit.  I don't think that will happen.  If she did she would have to hire someone to keep an eye on my buddy Dave.

The trip to Wisconsin and northeast Iowa was great.  Great friends, great weather, great campgrounds, and way too much toddy time and food.  There were a few times during toddy time that Moe and I just went back inside the house.  We just couldn't take it any more.   Ken and Judy's dog, Fletcher, wouldn't even come out.  He's smarter than I thought.  And they call these people adults.  I'm sure Moe gained a couple of pounds and the Village Idiot, about a ton.  He eat all the time we were gone.  He must have thought he was a big old bear and needed to store up for winter.  I'm not going to commit on how much weight anyone else gained.  I want them to remain friends.

Now it's back to the daily grind at Crossroads RV Park for another 3 weeks.  Shari and Dave have doctors appointments on Nov. 1 and after that, who knows.  I keep asking Stupid where we are going this winter and his response - "I don't have a clue".  It should be a fun winter.  Shari's dad is starting to slip a little so I imagine that will have a lot to do with where and when.

We did make a family trip to Cedar Rapids one afternoon last week.  Moe, Shari, and Dave all needed haircuts so I had to go along to navigate and coordinate everything.  I was afraid Stupid would forget to pick Moe back up after her appointment.  Moe got a little grumpy about getting trimmed but she looked just ravishing when it was all over.  At the minimum, I can see her eyes now.  I think that yappy thing is starting to grow on me.

The Happy Couple made a couple trips to West Burlington over the past weekend.  Luke had a football game Saturday afternoon but results weren't as good as the should have been.  He is going to give it another try tomorrow afternoon.  It was back to West Burlington yesterday afternoon.  Emma had a couple of softball games.  The record was one and one when that was over.  Good job Luke and Emma.

I suppose I better get off of here.  Stupid will be home soon for lunch.  I don't know which of you is charge of weather, but, who ever it is, you are doing a great job.  It even makes Dave in a better mood.  The down side is, I think he snores louder on these cool nights.

Have a good one.  I'll get back to you when I can.

GO HAWKS!!!!!!!