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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The where abouts and other meaningless things!

Howdy everyone.  It has been a couple of weeks and I thought it was about time for an update.

The happy couple are still residents of Crossroads RV Park and my hero, Dave, is still doing his thing being the "host with the most".  Shari is still doing her thing, keeping "the host with the most" in line.  Work at the park has been kind of busy here lately.  Labor Day weekend was Old Threshers Reunion in Mount Pleasant and the RV park was full for a week.  Then last week there was a 17 unit Winnebago club in town so they pretty well filled up the park again.  Everyone was happy.  Dave was happy because he had something to keep him occupied.  Shari was happy because Dave had something to keep him occupied.  Moe was happy because she had  lots of people and dogs to bark at.  And I was happy because they were all out of the house.

We have had some friends stop by occasionally. Ken and Judy Weinreich were over from Burlington one evening during Old Threshers and the four of them went downtown to do some shopping (the women shopped,  the men complained).  Then after toddy time here at home they took a road trip to Mt. Hamil for chicken.  Anything to get them out of the house.  Then the next Wednesday Jeff and Cathy Rucker came over and Dave did some cooking to the grill.  Bloody Mary burgers and baked beans.  From the smell of things in the house the next morning, the beans must have been delicious.  On Saturday, 9/11, Tony and Shirley Bata and Shirley's dad Bob came down from CR to watch the Iowa/Iowa State football game and The Head Chef (The Village Idiot) made chili and cornbread in the dutch oven.  Nobody got sick so it must have turned out okay.

The Happy Couple have been celebrating and crying over their beloved Hawkeyes.  Celebrated big victories over Eastern Illinois and the dreaded Iowa State Cy-clowns and then a devastating loss to Arizona.  Oh well, wait till next year.  (Now I'm starting to sound like a Cub fan.)   Next up is Ball State.  We are all hoping for a victory or the HAPPY COUPLE may not be so happy.

We did go on a short road trip last week.  The Old House is still doing its thing.  Earlier this summer the thermostat in the oven quit working (Shari didn't like baking cakes at 600 degrees.) so that got to be replaced.  Then the refrigerator quit working so, after a couple of trips to Bowling RV in Ottumwa, Dave and Shari are the proud owners of a brand new refrigerator cooling unit.  Dave is changing the name of the trailer from Montana Big Sky to Montana F.R.O.M. (Fix Or Repair Monthly).  Sometimes he doesn't say very nice things about our home.  

We are going on a longer road trip this Friday.  Mark and Beth Steingreaber, Ken and Judy Weinreich, Ed and Deb Romeo, Al and Pam Hirschman, and our happy little family are taking a road trip for 9 nights into southwestern Wisconsin and northeast Iowa.  Moe can hardly wait for toddy time.  I can hardly wait.  Campfires and story telling every evening.  My favorite time of the year.  Sometimes you don't want to believe everything you hear at toddy time.  The Happy Couple are looking forward to a little time away before they dive into their last month of work at Crossroads.  Where has the summer gone?

I suppose I better get off the computer. Stupid is about to get off work and will be coming home.  I'll give you an update later as to how the "VACATION" went.  Until then just keep cheering everyones favorite cheer.  "LET'S GO HAWKS"  "LET'S GO HAWKS"  "LET'S GO HAWKS"

As always,