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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Preparation For The Migration South!

Hi Ya'll,

I said Ya'll because I'm practicing for when we start south.  I had this chance to use the computer so I am going to give you a quick update.

I got on the computer as my favorite girl Shari is out and about doing some work for a group here in southeast Iowa called the Red Flag Tour.  The group is a bunch of old guys that drive old cars and  need somebody to coordinate things for them.  They have hired Shari to do this for them and she really enjoys it.  Duffus says this helps keep her out of the bars. I think Duffus is out jogging.  He says he is in training to enter one of those Iron Man competitions.  That is a contest where you swim a long ways, ride a bike for an even further distance, and then jog home.  I figure by the time he gets in shape, people will be living on Mars and dying there of old age or the Cubs will win the World Series, which ever comes first.

I know we are getting ready to make a big move from Mt. Pleasant sometime in the near future.  The Village Idiot has started to make little repairs to the trailer and getting the truck cleaned up and serviced.  The water heater quit working on the electrical side this summer and I'll be darned if the Brain didn't figure out what was wrong with it all by himself.  The weird part of it is he fixed it by himself also.  And it works.  Miracles never cease.  We have a roof exhaust fan in the trailer that hasn't worked for more than a while and I'll be darn if he didn't get that running again.  The guy just amazes me.  He had one little problem that he didn't tackle himself.  The rinse system on our black holding tank quit working and he had to clean it out manually.  I think he using Shari's toothbrush and sticking his arm down the hole and scrubbing the inside of the tank with it.  He swears up and down that this was not true, but you never know.  Anyway, he bought a part and had a repairman come to the campground and install it for him. Now Shari's toothbrush can come back out of the lock box.  He took the truck in for a physical last week and the vet (or mechanic) says it is in tip top shape and ready to go.  Just a process of getting out the Dri-Wash N Guard and getting it cleaned up.  From what I understand we depart on October 13th and start heading south.  The Brain wants to get a head start on the snow birds as he doesn't fly as fast as they do.  I'm going to start sharpening up my navigational skills as Garmin is not that reliable.

The Happy Couple have had a great summer in Mt. Pleasant this summer.  The RV park has been busy all summer which keeps the Brain in the office and doing park maintenance as well as out of Shari's hair.  Shari hasn't played as much golf as she would like but enjoys knowing she has clubs in the trunk of the car just in case someone asks her to play.  The Village Idiot doesn't play golf anymore, which is a good thing for the golf courses, but occupies his time cheering for the LA Dodgers and rooting against the Chicago Cubs.  You do know the Dodgers are going to the play offs and the Cubs are going home to wait for the 2016 season don't you?  As you can imagine, Bone Head has turned me into a front runner so I'm cheering for the Dodger Blue this year.  Besides, Dodger Dogs are darn good.  The one thing the Happy Couple do agree on is their love for the Hawkeyes.  The Brain told me last night the Hawks finished their preseason 4 and 1 with a loss to Northern Illinois, and victories over Missouri State, Iowa State, Western Michigan, and Minnesota.  Michigan State comes into Iowa City Saturday which marks the start of the real football season.

Moe is doing just fine and she says "Thank you for asking".  She again has gained a little weight this summer.  This is not a good sign as she always gains weight in the winter.  I think she and Duffus are having a contest to see who can gain the most the fastest.  My best friend Shari insists that the two of them not get on the scales at the same time.  She doesn't want to have to buy a new one.  Moe has done a fine job this summer doing her job.  Jeff has hired her to be in charge of meet n' greet, and as head of security.  She has done both in remarkable fashion, although some people in the park think she may be a little on the spoiled side.  She insists on going everywhere the Happy Couple go or she goes up into the bedroom and pouts.  That, and she sleeps in until 9:00 AM, even though Shari makes the bed a lot earlier.  Shari just has to work around her.  At least the Village Idiot is already up!

The Happy Couple have most of their doctor stuff done.  They both go to the same doctor in Cedar Rapids and both needed to get their blood pressure checks so they could get their meds for the winter.  To do this, they made an appointment to get this done together.  Everything was fine; Shari's low and Duffus' high.  When they were getting ready to leave the exam room their doctor gave them both a big hug.  Duffus wants to know how many of you guys get a hug from your doctor after an appointment? 

The Happy Couple are finishing up getting together with many of their great friends before they leave.  They are having their camping buddies come here to Crossroads today for one last get together.  Then they are making trips to Washington, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and Burlington this week and next to see some more.  They plan on getting a couple of more trips to West Burlington to see grandson, Luke, play football.  Luke's football season hasn't gone as planned but the Happy Couple enjoy watching the games anyway.  Granddaughter, Emma, is a sophomore at Iowa and, according to all reports, is doing fine.  She is living off campus with some other girls, which can be dangerous, but they haven't made the police blotter yet!!!!  The Happy Couple are sure that won't be a problem.

Well, as you can see, the Happy Couple lead a very exciting, and fast paced, life.  They can be awfully hard to keep up with.  "NOT"!!!!!   I suppose that is to be expected at their advanced age.  Moe and I wouldn't want it any other way.  All we ask is they just keep us in food and water and take us out once in a while to do our thing.  Another thing I would like is for them to quit knocking me behind the sofa.  It gets lonely back there.

I better be getting off this thing.  The Brain should be back from his daily morning jog shortly and he will probably want to check the police log to make sure he wasn't caught speeding.  I'll keep ya'll updated on what happens to us this fall and winter.  I have heard we are definitely going to Green Acres RV Resort in Savannah, TN first, but after that, I, nor anyone else, have any idea what will follow.  It is always good to plan ahead.  Until I get back to you, have a great one!!!!