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Sunday, November 24, 2013

We're Going on Further South!

Hi Ya'll

And how are things going in your part of the world? Our part of the world is cold right now.  We are still at Green Acres RV Resort near Savannah, TN and it was just a little cool last night.  It was down to 22 degrees with only a high of 38 today.  YUCK!!!!!!!!

And why are we still in Tennessee you ask.  That my friends is a very good question.  Larry and Diane (the couple who own the campground) are a great couple and I don't think The Happy Couple can bear to leave them.  That, and the fact that Larry and Diane asked the Brain if he would watch the RV Resort a couple of different times for them while they went on road trips.  One week they went to Knoxville to a campground owners' convention and another trip was to Nashville for shopping and visiting friends.  So, being the nice guy the Brain is, he agreed to stay and do some work for them.  Being a nice guy was not the only reason he decided to stay.  He found out there was going to be a nice Turkey day feed going on here and he can't resist filling up his belly on home cookin'. 

I have had a few inquiries into who is The Brain, Dufus, The Village Idiot, and all of the other names.  Well let me tell you a little bit about our little family which, by the way, consists of four different members.  The first, and I might add, most important member, is my best friend Shari.  She IS the leader of the pack.  Number two in command is Moe Jean, the faithful and loving mascot of the group.  Moe's responsibilities include, but not limited to, meet and greet at the front door, Head of Security at night, and cleaning up any food that may hit the floor.  I, Tag-A-Long, better known as Tag, am number three in the pecking order.  My job is trying to keep peace and order to the pack, guiding on road trips, and reporting to all of you, when I deem necessary, to keep you updated on our location and the happenings of the group.  Then we have the fourth member, known to most of you as Dave.  When I first joined the clan about 9 years ago, I too called him Dave.  After years of being around him I have learned his true identity.  He is as about as easy to keep track of as the numbered balls in the Lotto drawing machine.  Have you ever tried to keep your eye on one ball when they are drawing the Lotto?  Try it and you will end up just like the Village Idiot.  Anyway I change his name to fit the situation.  Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, he will do or say something that is about normal and he becomes the Brain.  Then he will turn around and do or say something that will makes your eyes roll and he becomes Dufus.  But normally he just acts himself and you look at him and say "What the h--- was he thinking?"  That is when the Village Idiot comes out.  An example was a couple years ago when he was in Bandera, TX and wanted to buy cowboy boots and a cowboy hat to wear with his shorts so he could become a cowboy.  My friends that was the Village Idiot at his best.  So, when you see me refer to someone in the clan that is not Shari, Moe, or myself, you can bank on it that I'm referring to you-know-who.

The Happy Couple have been having a great time here in Savannah.  The campgound is nice and will become nicer as Larry and Diane, along with their nephew Travis, are making a lot of changes and upgrades to it.  With a pool, the ideas they have for changes to the park, and the tourism in the area, it will become a destination park.  It will be a place where RV'ers will want to come and spend some time.  The Happy Couple are glad they have spent as much time here as they have as they say they really like the area.

One thing you want to do here in west Tennessee is learn to slow down a bit.  Dufus says he has figured out how slow they are around here.  He said the first couple times he went to Walmart (Yes there is a Walmart here or we wouldn't be) he would run into the automatic doors on the way in and out.  Well, he decided to stand back and try to figure out what was going on.  He stood back and watched the locals come up to the door and, at their pace, the door would open just as they got there.  Then he started walking with them in the store and noticed his pace was much faster than any of the locals around.  Then he figured out there was a delay in the door opening.  He went to the Customer Service Counter to inquire about the delay in the door. He was told that the locals are so slow they had to put a 6 second delay in the door opening because the store was losing all their air conditioning during the summer.  The cause was the amount of time it took for people to get to the door after the sensor started opening it.  He asked how Walmart figured out it was 6 seconds and not 5 or 7 and was told they got a $1,275,000.00 grant from the government to study the situation and that's what they come up with.  Isn't it amazing what links this country will go to to save energy.

So what are the future plans of the Happy Couple?  From what I'm told by the Brain we are leaving here Saturday November 30th and working our way to Johnny's Lakeside RV Resort near Foley, AL for the month of December.  We have been there a couple different times and like the park.  While there the Happy Couple will be going to Destin, FL for Christmas dinner with Jack and Carnie Burke.  The Burkes go to Destin every winter and the Happy Couple like to go pester them every chance they get.  In early January the trek will be made to Texas with a stop in the Houston area for a few days to see the Dusenburys.  After that, who knows.  My friend Shari has an appointment in Austin in late February to see the surgeon that did her hip surgery, and the Happy Couple have a reservation at Guadalupe River RV Resort in Kerrville, TX for the month of March.  That leaves about a month or so that is undecided.  I'm sure Dufus will come up with something to get us in trouble. 

I hope life is treating every one just fine.  The Happy Couple are glad to see the Iowa Hawkeyes playing a little better in football and are looking forward to see what the upcoming basketball season may bring.  Hopefully the results will be better than last season.

The clan would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.  Try not to overstuff yourselves like I know Dufus will.  There will be another update from Alabama to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Until then, just try to behave.